Ongoing Workshops

Heather at her writing desk

Building a Poetry Practice

These days, anxiety and stress are too often at an all-time high. Distraction pulls us from our center. Leaning into a gentle, supportive poetry practice offers a fresh way to ground our attention, delight the senses, and create community and meaning in our lives.

This course is open to all levels of adult readers and writers. The poetry-phobic and the experienced practitioner will find a comfortable seat in this supportive, content-rich workshop. In person.

Prose Poetry & Micro Memoir

Prose poems are tight packages that explore story bits in poetic form. Micro memoir is a true story that fits on one page. Both forms are very rewarding to explore, in part because there is nowhere to hide: All the writer’s skills show up in bright lights. So, these forms provide excellent training ground for writers of all genres. Because they are short, they are easy to complete, and publishers like them, for the same reason. In person.

Story 101

To tell a story well you need artistry, craft, and a bit of magic. In this workshop we will study and practice the essential skills you need to write compelling stories—fiction, memoir, nonfiction. Poets looking to generate reader-friendly poems will gain useful structure techniques from this course. 

"Heather Sellers trains writers to dig deeper into their material, to access rich knowledge and memory long buried, to produce compelling pages.  Her techniques work for every creative writing genre. In both small groups and individual coaching, the writer comes away with an invaluable bag of tools and renewed energy for the work."
~ Kate LeSar, St. Pete Beach, FL

Story Structure

The sequel to Story 101, this course provides an in-depth study of what makes a story work. Students receive the readings in advance of the course, and we spend each morning analyzing the architecture, in great detail, and the afternoons are devoted to practicing the techniques.

"Life-changing," says Connie M. of Tampa. Save valuable time as a writer by understanding the principles of how to create a compelling arc for your project.

How to Write a Children's Book

Children’s books are so much harder to create than you might think. There is simply nowhere to hide! And, you have to appeal to the child, as well as the adult who purchases (and reads) the book. In this course you will learn all the basics of structure, plot, and publishing. Leave with a complete mock up of your book.

Ongoing Workshops

Craft Talks

I teach for Craft Talks throughout the year. Enroll through their website. Sessions are recorded and handouts are provided, along with space for question and answer. My classes focus on flash and micro forms, scene writing, story building, revision techniques that actually work, and fearless writing. Join us!

“The class energy is amplified by Heather’s teaching. I’ve learned so much and made valuable new friends.”   
~ S. Smithson, Balm, FL

Writing Room

Quarterly meetings.

A free open office hour for my past students, current students, and future students. The Writing Room is offered on Facebook Live. I offer some thoughts about the writing process and creative practice and students put questions and comments in the chat. To join, pop over to my author page on Facebook.

"If high intelligence, joy, and knowing how to write had a baby, it would be Heather Sellers. Her insight is invaluable to any aspiring writer."
~ Andi P., MD

Recent Workshops

Narration, Reflection, and Structure

Compelling prose engages a sequence of dramatic scenes, combined with passages of insight, interpretation, and summary. This second category of writing—the reflection and summary part—is crucial, and can also be difficult to pull off successfully These passages must not create a lull in tension, but rather work to increase the stakes of the story.  

In this content-rich course, you will hone scene building skills, and practice a bevy of strategies for writing unputdownable reflection and summary.  You’ll experiment with assembling scenes and their reflective sequels in various proven patterns to create effective story beats.

"Heather is brilliant at story structure, teaching in various ways so it sticks…".
~ Shantell S., Balm, FL

What Students are Saying

"Heather Sellers’ workshop is a master class in writing.  Her extensive knowledge of craft and literature and her ingenious ability to teach the intricacies of what makes writing good are available to writers at all levels.  The generosity with which she creates space for all to be vulnerable and brave is truly a gift.  To say this workshop was life-changing is not an exaggeration.  You will think differently, you will read differently, and you will become a better writer."
~ Connie M, Tampa, FL

"Heather Sellers is a born teacher. She is able to convey complicated writing skills in ways that can be practiced immediately. I recommend her workshops and her books!"
~ Pat Daly, Clearwater, FL

"There is so much content! All the time was full, and there are so many concepts that are so, so useful."
~ Anon, Gulfport, FL

“Heather creates a warm and safe environment to take risks and to learn. Her teaching involves lots of opportunities for practice. She is both funny and so very wise. Her workshops are a gift for any writing student.”   
~ Eva I., Toronto