The Practice of Creative Writing, 3rd Edition
The Practice of Creative Writing 2nd Edition

The Practice of Creative Writing

I wanted to create a textbook that presents students with a friendly, accessible way to approach creativity and writing. Free from lofty literary terms, The Practice of Creative Writing is a practical toolbox for writers at any level.

Seeking to support invention and freedom, I wrote The Practice of Creative Writing so students could learn writing strategies (rather than genres). I love these words from Ocean Vuong, excerpted from The Paris Review interview: "I’m not sure a genre is a destination so much as a way of thinking, a tendency of inquiry. When we think of tables, we think of staying there, of keeping our place cards, our seats. I’m not interested in possession. I want to be freer than that. Maybe I’m being naive, but I understand genres to be as fluid as genders. Our lives are full of restrictions—jobs, bills, time, gravity, all of this impinging on us—but to write is to gift yourself the freedom of choice and possibility. That feels truly precious to me."

I’ve always believed that the principles of good writing apply to every genre and I designed the book to teach those five basic principles—imagery, energy, tension, pattern, and insight.

"I simply don't know of a better introductory creative writing textbook, period." —Jeff Newberry, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College  

"The Practice of Creative Writing stands out as an inspiring, engaging, and useful text for beginning creative writers. Heather Sellers manages to introduce core concepts and literary techniques with an emphasis on practice that is integral to building a multi-genre course without being overly prescriptive. Instructors can choose from a variety of contemporary literature selections and provide students with the models, writing prompts, and exercises that help them grow as creative writers." — Dr. Kathleen McCoy, Adirondack CC, Queensbury