The Practice of Creative Writing

I write in multiple genres—fiction, poetry, nonfiction, memoir, and hybrid—and I am a certified online instructor.  I’ve been teaching for over thirty years and I’ve developed a lively, welcoming, student-centered approach to creative writing that teaches the importance of discipline, form, and craft.

In my textbook, you’ll find a three-part method that helps you build a healthy, sustaining practice:

  • Begin by developing essential close reading skills.
  • Refine your head-game, improve your ability to focus (and get out of your own way).
  • Build basic techniques, step-by-step, as you move towards more sophisticated and substantive writing projects.

The Practice of Creative Writing is designed to be used in traditional face-to-face classrooms or online, where students find having a textbook at hand provides continuity and reassuring instructor presence.

New in This Edition

Teach by genre or teach by writing strategy—the new Practice of Creative Writing has a simple message: writing is challenging and rewarding, and you can do this, and it’s worthwhile to try.

“The readings are outstanding and so much more current than anything else on the market.”

~ Stephanie Vanderslice, University of Central Arkansas