Hannah, with long red hair, holds her French horn
Photograph courtesy of Hannah Culbreth

Interview with a French Hornist

Hannah Culbreth, an accomplished French hornist, is refreshingly clear about her process as an artist. She rarely misses practice. She’s created interesting ways to develop her world-class expertise and to stand out among other musicians in a highly competitive field. In our conversation, we talk about motivation, learning, and dealing with difficult challenges.

Jeremy Dennis stands in front of one of his art installations.
Photograph courtesy of Jeremy Dennis

Interview with a Photographer

Jeremy Dennis, a young, big-award-winning photographer, has big ideas and a painterly approach to the image. Jeremy is in the midst creating an incredibly complex body of work, layering maps, stories, interviews, supernatural images, portraits and myths. It’s cohesive. It’s enormous. I find his vision and work ethic inspiring. In our conversation, we talk about the forbidden topic: money.

Mary sits at her studio desk. She is wearing a teal shirt and smiling.
Photograph courtesy of Mary Brodbeck

Interview with a Japanese Woodblock Printmaker

Making color woodblock prints requires a significant investment of time, an embrace of repetition, and vast acres of patience. The work is so demanding technically, very few artists specialize in color woodblock. Mary Brodbeck has created a significant body of place-based work, engaging the natural world with her eye, color, ink, paper and wood. Using teachings passed down through generations of teachers from Hokusai (the wave guy), Mary carves many blocks for each print. For twenty years, she and I have been talking about the process of making art, success and failure, not getting injured, and the craft of teaching. Today in our conversation, we talk about frustration, purpose, and the omnipresent angel (demon?) on our shoulder…

Interview with a Writer

Yasmeen Alkishawi is a Palestinian-Venezuelan American writer currently applying to MFA programs. In our conversation, we talk about a key part of the application process: writing the statement of purpose