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Best Creative Nonfiction

Creative nonfiction--what is it? It's my favorite form for writing. You research a topic just as a journalist does, but you have all the artistic freedom of a fiction writer--not in regard to the truth, but in the way you construct the story.
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Chapter after Chapter: Discover the dedication and focus you need to write the book of your dreams

Chapter After Chapter by Heather Sellers

Chapter after Chapter is a different kind of writing book. It’s a method for completing the book you are working on (or have always wanted to write). Yes, you need to know how to structure your book. And you also need to know how to create the time you’ll need (it’s a lot) to write the dang thing. For most people, technical skill comes faster than “discipline.” You need both and that’s how Chapter is unique. It offers a friendly program for honing your writing skills (key secret: read only what you love to read and write what you want to read) and terrific, student-tested techniques for keeping your butt in the chair. Your book might not change the world (but it might make a difference). It is absolutely going to change you. Your not-writing isn’t helping anyone! You can write your book and I believe you must. I hope Chapter helps you get out of your own way. Writing: more fun than dieting and more transformative, too!

I’ve published seven books in seven years using this program. Each time, I learn more about starting, going deeper, finishing. (My friend Dave suggested my next book on writing be titled Punctuation Mark after Punctuation Mark. You are welcome to take this idea.) I also speak on these methods and offer writing workshops for intermediate-advanced authors. See the calendar for more details.

Read a sample from Chapter after Chapter (pdf).


“I’m so glad I heard you speak and that I bought your book. This is absolutely outstanding material—I highly recommend it. Thank you!” ~ Collette Volkema DeNooyer

“I thoroughly enjoyed the writing conference and your session was a riot. What drugs are you on? I want some. : ) If that was just a taste, I can’t wait for the banquet!” ~ Diane Kalusniak

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