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Chapter After Chapter

“I’m so glad I heard you speak and that I bought your book. This is absolutely outstanding material—I highly recommend it. Thank you!”
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Spike and Cubby's Ice Cream Island Adventure

Spike and Cubby

Published by Henry Holt and Co. Set on Torch Lake in Alden, Michigan.

Amy Young illustrated my first children's book and it received starred and boxed reviews! This is tale of two dogs who brave Torch Lake in pursuit of beloved Ice Cream Island. It’s a great book for sailors, for summer, and for ice cream lovers. The lead characters, Cubby, a rescued Welsh Corgi, and Spike, an adopted lab mutt, are Heather’s and Amy’s real life canine companions. Cubby also happens to be an author and Spike is quite the talented illustrator. But Cubby has writer's block....

What friends of the actual, real-life Cubby are saying:
"It's a great book. It really is." ~ Corinne J.
"My dog hates thunder too." ~ Amelia V.
"This is my very favorite book of all time." ~ Alyssa L.

And a word from Cubby himself:
"Elvis has left the building!!!"

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