Sep 18, 2009 - Diary, Teaching    No Comments

Rosas anaranjadas y calas blancas

Orange_Roses_and_White_CallasI just got out of my first Spanish lesson. The trick with Spanish is to say each syllable separately, to care very much about every single vowel and give it its own due. My teacher, Laura, said when she was learning English her teaching kept telling her to blend, blend: “English is like mashed potatoes. Spanish is like gunfire.”

I am happy taking Spanish, finally. I have been pretending to speak it for thirty years. I have been postponing memorizing the future, the past. I have been making up words and amusing myself, friends, and shopkeepers.  Without getting too serious, I’m hoping, I am learning. Every Friday, speaking with Laura and laughing in her office about the words, and their crazy little active lives.

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